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Starr Fuentes

The Curanderos Mayan Lineage Holder

* Article by Starr Fuentes, Master Healer and Teacher and the current Mayan lineage holder of the Mexican Curanderos (shamans)

The Curanderos of Mexico were Master Healers who kept an ancient Mayan tradition of the school of light and healing. The sacred teaching is based on 'Caught Teaching', knowledge that is transmitted from the teacher's aura to the student auric field and through Night School.

Keren-Or Atari was initiated to the lineage by Starr Fuentes since 2006, and continues the sacred tradition of initiating her students in the curanderos way.

Keren-Or Atari with Starr Fuentes at the ordination as a Minister of Divine Intervention.


tel/whatapp +55-21-976420001


with Gratitude to Starr Fuentes and the Curanderos Masters for their secrets, light and sacred knowledge they share.

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