The Divine Intervention training starts at the moment you hear those two words and feel something is lit inside of you.

It is a potent spark that holds a key to dive into the great mystery and expand into a world of magic and infinite possibilities.

It is a journey of awakening to your own unique gifts and learning how to put them into practice so you can be in greater service.

In this sacred space of training you will find out how great shifts and changes can happen in a split of a second, how your path merges with your soul purpose  and the great capacity of light you are able to conduct for healing.

In The Divine intervention training you will receive varies powerful initiations and  healing techniques that comes from the Shamanic world of the Mayan curanderos. 

This is an invitation to walk the path of Mastery and witness miracles happening on daily basis.

I wish to encourage and inspire those of you who feels the call, to take action now and sign in.

Ori Ohayon 

A healer, teacher and Minister of Divine Intervention

working with Light Language and Shamanic healing from the Mayan Curanderos lineage. Ori is a leader of women empowerment groups, and a student of Keren-Or Atari at Ciranda, Brazil.

For those who are considering the possibility of joining the Divine Intervention retreat to take place in October, in Ciranda, under the mastership of Keren-or, I have only one piece of advice: do it, you will not regret. I did it in 2016, and I tell you, it has changed my life for the better, much better. Keren-or is a powerful master and skillful teacher, with a golden soul that will lead you along the path of spiritual evolution and mastership. The retreat is hard work in paradise, and the end result for me was one of life changes in unimaginable ways. It has been one year and I am still feeling the gentle push along my path fueled by the bond of unconditional love generated by the three weeks together under Keren-or’s and other  marvelous masters’ guidance.  My spiritual growth was boosted by this experience and I feel that I reached maturity as a spiritual healer as a result, and this has helped in my medical practice as well as a teacher of light language and a curandero. I am grateful to the universe for having cross paths with Keren-or, it really changed my life.

Flavio Luiz Schieck Valente, MD, MPH,

Healer of the Mayan curandero lineage.

Olinda Pernambuco

To be initiated in the Lineage of the Mayan healers of Mexico is an honor for me. Much more, it signified a meeting of my Soul and my life purpose. I passed decades of my life in search of my purpose. In this search, I am assured, of that everything what I have tried until then had prepared me for the Initiation in Divine Intervention. In the same way, the ways that had taken me until Keren-or Atari had been synchronous and perfect. When I met her I knew right away that through her a new spiritual journey has opened.  

To receive all this sacred knowledge directly for my heart by powerful downloads, to feel running in my blood the force and presence of these shamans Masters wisdom, and to have its guidance in my personal life and my healing work is infinitely valuable. I am immensely grateful for having received, listened and followed to the heart calling, without doubting. 

Keren-or Atari is more than a teacher, she is a true Master. Her impeccability, joyful and unconditional love added to her sincere devotion to her work and the suit and lovely relationship with her students was the spatial and magical spices of this learning, that starts for her own examples of being.  

Another indispensable ingredient of this formation is the place, Ciranda, an island of forest of Atlantic Jungle, especially alive and magic, and I could receive much wisdom and love by them. During the 15 days of Divine Intervention, the Forest was witness of all my process and it facilitated to me to clean my spirit, to break my patterns, to transform my being integrally, to expand my consciousness, to add countless amounts of sacred information, to learn incredible healing techniques, to bathe me of love, to raise my frequency and more than this, to find my spiritual path.

After the Divine Intervention I know that miracles are possible, because my participation in this course by itself was a miracle. Just 2 month after my first commitment I could manifest all the resource to be able to participate in this course. Now I really trust the universal laws, God, the curanderos and Keren-Or, as well as I trust myself.  

For whom that feels the calling vibration in the heart I can say:  go ahead, trust without thinking. The way of the heart is the way of the truth!  

Natashia Moraes

Brazilian Healer, Teacher of  Quantic Consciousness Transformation – Quantic Healing (TQC- Cura Quântica ®) Reconnective Healing® practioner and Reconnetion® facilator and initiated in a lineage of Xamas curanderos Maia Mexicans for Keren-Or Atari and Gaya Dorot in Ciranda, Brazil. 


To wake up every morning in this magical place (Ciranda) and practice "DI" healing is the highest frequency that I have ever experienced after years of dealing with energies and healings, that experience was very joyful and unforgettable , the most important shift thatI made out of many transformations it was to feel something that I knew but did not experienced it totally and that is "feeling of being a vessel that god's energy heals others trough you"

Michael Khazani

Minister of Divine Intervention initiated by Keren-or Atari and Gaya Dorot at Ciranda Brazil, October 2016

DI for me is the best present that I could give to myself. It gave me the tools to self discovery and self realization.

DI is a deep and profound connection to myself and to the energy of the universe, I could go deeper in knowing myself and changing mind patters and behaviors.

This course opened my senses and expanded my faith. It was very powerful experience.

Olga Shvechkov

Minister of Divine Intervention initiated by Keren-Or Atari and Gaya Dorot at Ciranda Brazil, October 2016

I have practiced personal growth and healing traditions and disciplines for nearly 20 years.  In the past two years I have been receiving teaching and training from the Mayan Lineage of curanderos who have kept ancient traditions of empowerment and healing for millennia.  Starr Fuentes, who holds the lineage today, has trained and supported me and my business partner, Pearl Bertrand.  Over the months of practice in our DI class I saw people continually shift, improve, and completely heal.  Without exception everyone who took advantage of being a healee in our clinic received noticeable and even miraculous results.  When people have asked me, “What is DI?”, I ask them if they are familiar with Reiki.  Most people say yes to some degree or another.  “Well,” I respond, “DI is Reiki on steroids.”  For someone who wants to start using their natural gifts of healing, this is great start.  For someone who already has a practice and wants to amp up their abilities and their clients’ results, this is the perfect class to support that.

Kanah Teagyn 

I am certified as a Reiki Master, Master NLP coach and Trainer, Rapid Eye Technology Master and Trainer, and a Firewalk Instructor, to name some of my skills and tools. I received my Divine Intervention training beginning in January of 2016 and completed the training in July of 2016. 

Hagar Shir, Israel
DI Brazil:2019
Hagar Shir DI: 2019
Melanie Gordillo DI:2019
Melanie Gordillo, Swiss
 DI Brazil:2019
Renata Nascimento DI:2019
Renata Nascimento, Brazil
DI Brazil:2019


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